Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Developing: Bus Explodes In Jerusalem With Multiple Casualties Reported

Scene of bus explosion in Jerusalem (via Daylife)
At least four people were seriously injured when a bomb exploded next to a bus in Central Jerusalem.
MDA says none dead, over 20 injured Police estimate that package at exploded next to Egged bus 74 outside Binyanei Ha'uma in central Jerusalem; Netanyahu delaying departure to Moscow.

An explosion took place on or near a bus in central Jerusalem Wednesday afternoon.

Police said that a bomb exploded outside Egged bus number 74 at a station in front of the Jerusalem Conference Center in the center of town.

Reports said that over 30 people were injured in the attack although the exact number was still unknown.

Magen David Adom said that no deaths were reported in the attack.
For the moment, it doesn't appear to be the work of a suicide bomber, but rather someone who deposited a bomb along the bus route. Watch for the ghouls in Hamas, Islamic Jihad or other terror groups rush to claim responsibility for the attacks. These terror groups will claim that this is in response to Israel's actions in Gaza, but Israel would not be forced to take military action against Gaza or set up checkpoints had the Palestinians not engaged in a terror campaign against Israel and sought to delegitimize Israel at every opportunity.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netenyahu had been scheduled to travel to Moscow, but that has been postponed.

With the increasing number of terror attacks against Israel, expect Israel to step up its counterterrorism operations against Gaza in the coming days. The Palestinians will have no one to blame but themselves for this situation. They've repeatedly attacked Israel, refused to recognize Israel's rights to exist and peacefully coexist with Israel, and failed in their obligations under Oslo to cease and desist from promoting jihad and terror attacks against Israel.

Israel's right to defend itself means that airstrikes and counter battery attacks against those firing from in the midst of civilian populations in Gaza and any resulting casualties are the fault and responsibility of the terrorists in Gaza who use those human shields. It is the Gazans who allow and enable these terrorists - after all, Gaza voted overwhelmingly for Hamas when the last elections were held and support the war against Israel's existence.

One Israeli woman has died of their wounds from today's terror attack, and 39 were wounded.

Also, the Palestinian terrorists continue firing more Grad rockets and mortars into Israel, following on their ongoing campaign of terror.

50 people are now listed as being injured in this attack, making it one of the worst attacks in years. With the ongoing terror attacks from Gaza, Mahmoud Abbas has the gall to call on Russia to pressure Israel to not retaliate against Hamas? Abbas is blaming Israel for an escalation, when this falls solely on Hamas and the terrorists who initiated the latest round of attacks - after initiating each of the last series of attacks - and before that initiating attacks leading up to Operation Cast Lead.

It's absurd, but that's how Abbas rolls. He's hoping that Israel gets pressured into holding back against the terrorists who keep inflicting countless damage and injuries to Israelis, while the Palestinians play their triangle offense - Hamas and PIJ attack Israel, and Abbas demands concessions without giving anything up in return.

More mortars and rockets have been fired into Israel from Gaza. Reports indicate that the mortars contained phosphorus - prohibited under international law (for all who claimed that Israel used phosphorus against civilians - what say you now about the Gazans using them) explicitly with the purpose of harming civilians and/or setting fires to farm/forest lands.

Key takeaway: explosives was in a small suitcase left next to a bus stop, containing 1-2kg of explosives. Authorities are looking for additional attacks.

This video includes a phone call to Israeli police warning of a suspicious package, and you can hear the explosion go off while on the phone with the authorities. Israelis are quite keen to warn and be wary of unattended packages, and this was no different:

The deadly consequences are all too apparent when such things get overlooked or ignored.

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