Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Rockets and Kassams Continue Hitting Israel From Gaza

Despite Hamas' claims that they are trying to stop further attacks, kassams and mortars continue slamming into Israel.
According to the report, Hamas also deployed operatives along the border with Israel in order to maintain control over the Strip.

Palestinian sources quoted by Asharq Alawsat said that representatives from the different Gaza groups refused to commit to a ceasefire with Israel or to prevent retaliation for Israeli actions. They did, however, agree not to initiate an escalation.

On Monday evening, three Kassam rockets were fired into Israeli territory and exploded in the Hof Ashkelon Regional Council. The rockets fell in an open area and did not cause any injuries or damage.
We've seen a definite uptick in terror attacks against Israel since the beginning of the year no matter what Hamas is saying publicly.

At some point, Israel's government is going to have to deal with the Gazans militarily because the Palestinian terror groups are ratcheting up the attacks without fear of retaliation. When that happens, the propagandists will again claim Israel is the aggressor and that the attacks are somehow disproportionate in the force used.

They will ignore the rocket and mortar attacks that occur incessantly and without end. They will ignore the casualties among those in Israel who have been in range of those attacks. They will ignore that Israel's restraint has limits.

And the Gazan terrorists will have once again mistaken Israel's restraint for weakness as they continue attacking Israel and causing untold misery on their fellow Gazans.

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