Friday, December 24, 2010

Anarchists Blamed For Embassy Blasts In Rome

Italian authorities believe that anarchists are behind the attacks on the Swiss and Chilean embassies yesterday. They think that the embassies were targeted because both Swiss and Chilean authorities have cooperated in cracking down on anarchists around the world. Moreover, the contents of one of the package bombs revealed a letter mentioning the name of an anarchist who was killed several years ago:
A ministry official suggested the Swiss had been targeted because they had co-operated with Italy, arresting several anarchists earlier this year.

He added that an anarchist had been killed in Chile in 2009.

Several Italians allegedly linked to anarchist groups have been detained by Swiss authorities.

In April, two Italians and a Swiss resident were picked up in Zurich on suspicion of planning an attack on the Swiss headquarters of IBM.

High alert

Security has been tightened outside embassies and government buildings in Rome.

Police have appealed to staff at the foreign missions to be alert for suspect packages.
BBC map

Investigators have revealed the contents of a blackened note found at the scene of the Chilean embassy blast.

The message was signed by the "Lambros Fountas Cell" of the Informal Federation of Anarchy (FAI). Lambros Fountas was a Greek anarchist killed in a shoot-out with Athens police in March 2010.

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