Sunday, August 01, 2010

Palestinian Child Abuse - Summer Camp Edition

Hamas celebrates the summer in a way that only it can. It indoctrinates kids into its terror-loving ways by giving them weapons training.
Hamas' next generation displayed various operational abilities honed during the summer such as security of high profile figures in public places.

As part of the ceremony, the trainees were given graduation certificates.

Hamas prime minister in Gaza Ismail Haniyeh participated in the event and praised the camp's managers for their "political and morale-based guidance." He further noted that the interior ministry is "working to train its soldiers armed both with weapons and Islam and Koran convictions for the benefit of their people."

After the ceremony a source from the ministry said, "Defense and security are a natural need that is meant to protect the Islamic project we are leading against the enemies of the Palestinian people and its religion."
Hamas is indoctrinating the next generation of terrorists, and if Hamas was interested in a better future for the Palestinian people and Gazans in particular, they'd be providing these kids with educational opportunities in starting businesses, learning marketable skills, and otherwise not engaging in the business of violence. But everyone knows that Hamas has no interest in peace with Israel or improving the life of Gazans. They're interested in maintaining their grip on power. And these kids will be the next generation of terrorist thugs.

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