Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Rangel Attempting Last Minute Deal To Save Face In Ethics Flap

Don't think for one moment that Democrats in Congress were on Rep. Charles Rangel to make some kind of a deal and get out of sight as quickly as possible before their already dim chances in November get worse as Rangel's dirty laundry gets aired for all to see.

Rangel is apparently trying to negotiate an end to the ethics investigation before Thursday's release of the charges and potential repercussions.
The Associated Press has learned that New York Democrat Charles Rangel is making a last-minute effort to settle his ethics case. A settlement would mean that Rangel must agree that he committed some ethical misconduct.

The talks were confirmed by people familiar with the situation, but who were not authorized to be quoted by name.

Rangel stepped down earlier this year as chairman of the tax-writing Ways and Means Committee because of an earlier ethics charge. A settlement would spare him an embarrassing ethics trial. It also would be a relief for other Democrats, who fear that an dragged-out ethics proceeding during the fall election campaign would hurt their ability to maintain their House majority.

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