Friday, July 02, 2010

New York Finally Moving To No-Fault Divorce

New York is about to make divorces a whole lot easier, and I think this is a good thing because it is about to provide for no-fault divorces. New York was one of the last holdouts on no-fault divorces. The state had required to provide grounds for divorce such as adultery, and required couples to separate for a 1-year period prior to the divorce.

The Legislature passed the bill in overwhelming fashion, and Gov. Paterson looks like he'll sign the bill even as he's been busy vetoing legislative pork items added to an already bloated budget.

Not everyone is happy with this move. The Catholic Council is opposed, claiming that it would be easier to get a divorce than to get out of a wireless phone contract (no - there's no hyperbole there, not at all). What I don't get is why the National Organization of Women's New York chapter opposes this since it makes it easier for women to get out of bad marriage situations

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