Monday, June 07, 2010

Fatah Behind Latest Infiltration Attempt

Since the IDF raid on May 31, I expected Fatah to take some kind of action to show that they remain relevant and to maintain their street credibility.

Well, looks like we got our action. Fatah's al Aqsa Martyrs' Brigade was behind the thwarted attack by sea.
Despite Palestinian claims that the four al-Aqsa Martyrs' Brigades men who were killed by an Israel Navy force on Monday in waters near Gaza were not terrorists, a senior Navy officer said they were planning to carry out a terror attack deep in Israeli territory. The officer said the terrorists, who were wearing diving suits, also carried weapons on them.

The al-Aqsa Martyrs' Brigades, Fatah's military wing, reported that four of the group's men were killed in the incident and that a fifth man, who was lightly injured, was missing.

The Navy officer said one of the terrorists was in a small boat, while the others were swimming beside him a few hundred meters from the beach, in what appeared to be a well-planned operation. "The commandos, who acted with professionalism and determination, spotted the cell and fired accurately. We are currently investigating the incident, but we have already determined that the cell planned to carry out an attack in Israel," he said.
Fatah is frequently regarded as a moderate group that can make peace with Israel, but as I've repeatedly pointed out, Fatah has no problem carrying out attacks via the AAMB. Fatah was also supposed to disarm and eliminate all terror groups pursuant to Oslo and the follow on agreements between Israel and the Palestinian Authority, yet the group continues operating.

This again should remove all doubt that Israel lacks a partner in peace - even among Fatah, which is seen as the more moderate Palestinian representative. They remain a terror group and continue plotting attacks.

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