Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Don't Believe the Hamas Hype

Hamas and their supporters would love for people to think that Gazans are starving to death and that Israel is fully responsible for the situation.

While pro-Palestinian demonstrations are busy calling for Israel's destruction, freeing Palestine from the Mediterranean to the Jordan River and making equivalencies between Nazism and Israel's actions to defend itself from terrorism, the truth, and the facts, are quite different.

Not that any of this should come as a surprise to people who follow the propaganda war between Israel and its enemies.

Here's a few photos from yesterday's demonstrations outside the UN. At other demonstrations, the Israel=Nazi imagery is all too prevalent.

But let's get to the crux of this most recent confrontation. Hamas claims that they need to break the blockade to let humanitarian aid pass and to prevent a humanitarian crisis.

Hamas wouldn't want you to see that there aren't any food shortages. Food is actually quite plentiful, and there's even a Gilad Shalit sighting. Shalit is still held by Hamas without access to humanitarian relief groups contrary to international law.

Most meat and produce is readily available in Gaza despite the Israeli blockade (smuggling is playing a role), but some produce that is being grown in Gaza can't be exported and is therefore being fed to animals or goes to waste.

That's right - stuff that is being grown as food for export can't - so it's either being fed to animals or goes to waste - not exactly the situation if you have a starving populace. The country has sufficient food that it can contemplate export.

And while the captions claim that power shortages are the result of Israel not letting power and oil through, the truth is a little more complicated. People are looking to buy power generators because Hamas has let the infrastructure go to crap. Gazans are looking to spend money to buy white goods like washers and dryers and refrigerators.

That's not exactly something people do when they're struggling to feed themselves on a daily basis.

That's not something people need when they have no money and you can't exactly smuggle those kinds of items into Gaza via smuggling tunnels.

The situation in Gaza is of Hamas' own creation. The terror group came to power violently and retains an iron grip on Gaza all while indoctrinating another generation of Palestinians to hate Israel with all their might.

Dozens of passengers on board the ships intercepted by Israel on May 31 were members of international jihad groups, but the concern is that the Turkish Navy will accompany the next run against Israel's blockade.

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