Friday, June 11, 2010

12 Year Old Afghan Jihadi Murders 40 At Wedding Party

Try wrapping your mind around that one. A 12-year old boy is turned into a suicide bomber and succeeds in murdering 40 people and wounding many more in a heinous attack on a wedding party.
The boy, dressed in white and thought to be no older than 13, appeared amid the din of a wedding party in a small southern Afghan village and walked up to within 15 feet of a cluster of tables where everyone was eating. As he prepared to detonate his suicide bomb vest, the gathering flew into a panic.

"Everyone immediately tried to escape," said Abdullah Jan, a guest at the wedding. But there was no time.

The boy's suicide vest packed with explosives detonated, killing more than 40 people and wounding at least 80, said Zemarai Khan, a local police chief who was at the wedding and witnessed the attack.
That had to be some serious amount of explosives to kill that many people.

Some Taliban are scoffing at the idea that the kid carried out the attack, but who else in the region but the Taliban and al Qaeda train suicide bombers and indoctrinate kids from an early age to glorify in the role of martyr. The notion that murdering dozens of people doesn't even enter their minds (or the minds of those training the suicide bombers).

This is barbarism and this is the kind of ideology that the world must resist. It means supporting those in Afghanistan and Pakistan that fight against these barbarians and supporters of jihad.

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