Monday, April 26, 2010

US; South Korean Reports Indicate North Korea Behind Blast Sinking Navy Ship

A close-range blast appears to have sunk the South Korean ship Cheonan and killed 46 members of her crew and while reports indicate that there was an external cause, the South Koreans are not jumping at the opportunity to blame North Korea even as some defectors and South Koreans believe that a North Korean torpedo was responsible for the sinking. Still, the South Koreans are looking at whether a disgraced North Korean general won back his rank based on the outcome of a possible encounter with the Cheonan.

The ship had been raised from the murky depths and allows investigators to take a closer look at the damage to the hull in looking for clues as to how the ship sank. The following video shows about half of the ship raised - it appears to have been cleaved in half by the blast.

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