Monday, April 05, 2010

Terrorists Attack US Consulate In Peshawar Pakistan

Al Qaeda and the Taliban both want to attack US targets in Pakistan, especially in light of the ongoing UAV airstrikes that have decimated Taliban and al Qaeda ranks in the past 18 months. Terrorists attacked the US consulate in Peshawar, killing 6 people in a coordinated bombing and rocket attack.
Six people were killed outside the consulate and at least 20 were wounded, according to a senior government official. None of those killed were Americans.

The United States Embassy in Islamabad said that at least two Pakistani security guards employed by the consulate were killed in the attack, and that a number of others were seriously wounded. The embassy confirmed that the attack was coordinated, and said it involved “a vehicle suicide bomb and terrorists who were attempting to enter building using grenades and weapons fire.”

Employees of the consulate were evacuated after the attack, according to the Pakistani official. Pakistani television reported that the consulate would be closed on Tuesday, but a United States Embassy spokeswoman could not immediately confirm that.

Militants managed to damage barracks that formed part of the outer layer of security for the heavily fortified consulate area, but did not penetrate inside, the Pakistani intelligence officer said.

Pakistani television networks showed a giant cloud of dust and debris rising from the Saddar area, where the consulate is located, shortly after 1 p.m. Local media reported that there had been three blasts. Authorities cordoned off the area and gunfire was heard long after the explosions.

A spokesman for the Pakistani Taliban claimed responsibility for the attack, and warned that “we plan more such attacks,” Reuters reported.
The attack on the consulate was not the only carnage inflicted by these terrorists; they butchered 43 people at a political rally. The largest Taliban faction claimed responsibility for the attacks and noted that these attacks were revenge for the ongoing UAV airstrikes and that they have thousands of suicide bombers at the ready for still more attacks.
"We have already told you that we have 2,800 to 3,000 fidayeen (suicide bombers). We will carry out more such attacks. We will target any place where there are Americans," he said.

Militants armed with guns and suicide vests targeted the US consulate in Pakistan's northwestern capital and unleashed carnage at a political rally on Monday, killing 43 people.

The apparently coordinated attacks were the deadliest so far this year in nuclear-armed Pakistan, where the government is closely allied to the US-led war against al-Qaida and in neighbouring Afghanistan.
The UAV strikes have definitely put a crimp in how the Taliban and al Qaeda operate since the pace of strikes increased following the suicide bombing that killed senior CIA officials in Khost earlier this year.

Neither group can rely on methods used previously to avoid detection. They no longer can rely on satellite phones and must instead use courier. They can't rely on locals to provide shelter because the locals fear that they too would be targeted by the airstrikes.

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