Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Another Mehsud Bit The Dust

Baitullah Mehsud was the big fish among the Taliban until he was killed in a UAV airstrike. He was succeeded by Hakimullah Mehsud, who met a similar fate and was confirmed to have died from injuries suffered in a U.S. drone missile strike last month. It means that the Taliban/al Qaeda aligned group needs to find another leader.

Expect another from the Mehsud clan to step forward and assume leadership although the LA Times suggests that "...Noor Jamal, the Taliban's commander in the Orakzai and neighboring Kurram tribal regions and reportedly a close ally of Mahsud's."

Clearly, someone has gotten inside information so that they can target the Mehsud Taliban faction so effectively. It's a good start as Mehsud's clan has been quite effective in going after Pakistani forces over the past few years.

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