Monday, January 18, 2010

Restaurant Review: Harold's New York Deli of Edison

Harold's New York Deli of Edison may not look like much from the outside; it's adjacent to a Holiday Inn in Edison, New Jersey, but what it lacks on the outside, it brings on the inside. This is a restaurant that clearly sets its sight on providing the biggest deli portions known to mankind.

They don't just offer overstuffed sandwiches. They clearly mark on their menu that the basic sandwiches are meant for 1-2 people. We ended up splitting a corned beef and pastrami sandwich and fried, and had more than enough for a second full meal. In fact, pretty much everything on the menu is meant to be eaten by 2 people at a minimum.

Then, there's the desserts. Gargantuan doesn't even begin to cover it. A napoleon can feed a small army; it's the size of a sheet cake that could probably feed 12-15 people.

The food itself is pretty damned good. The pastrami was excellent and rivals many of the fine Jewish delis, but the corned beef lacked just a little something - perhaps a little garlic, but both meats had the right combination of fat and meat to bring plenty of flavor.

This is a place that is best savored with a bunch of starving friends or family since it's the best way to get the full effect and possibly have dinner and dessert.

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