Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Do Not Pass Go; Go Directly To Jail

So says the US Second Circuit Court of Appeals to terrorist appeaser and sycophant, Lynne Stewart.

Stewart was a lawyer who represented blind sheikh Abdel Rahman in his trial. She was warned not to pass any messages between Rahman and his followers. She did.

A lengthy trial resulted in a conviction, and the trial court granted a lenient sentence, the operation of which has been delayed by legal maneuverings and Stewart has remained out on bail since 2002.

The court upheld the conviction, and they revoked bail. Stewart must report to prison to begin serving her sentence immediately. In fact, the court found that the trial court's sentencing to be lenient.
Disbarred radical lawyer Lynne Stewart is going to jail – maybe for a lot longer than she thought.

A federal appeals court Tuesday upheld her conviction for smuggling messages to her jailed terrorist client, and said she deserves more than the 28 months she got because she may have lied at her trial.

Stewart, 70, is to surrender to U.S. Marshals immediately. The Brooklyn resident has been free on bail since 2006.
In fact, the decision can be found here.

The court essentially rebukes the sentencing phase of Stewart's trial and requires the trial court to resentence Stewart. However, that will not delay Stewart's date with the inside of a justly deserved prison cell.

As I'd reported previously, the prosecutors had been asking for 30 years (with sentencing guideline support), and she got a weak slap on the wrist for breaking the law and consorting with and passing messages for known terrorists. She was unrepentant over her actions, and should have been remanded to prison the moment the initial sentence was handed down.

This is justice delayed, and I can only hope that the trial court comes around on the sentencing to adjust Stewart's term to a much more appropriate level.

For those who think that this might result in her spending the rest of her life in prison, I have nary a tear to shed for that. She aided and abetted terrorists in communicating with their brethren overseas. She knew that the conduct was prohibited and she lied to prosecutors and violated the law. She was a member of the state bar and knew her responsibilities to the court and decided that assisting her terrorist client was in order.

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