Friday, October 30, 2009

Thousands of Gazans Rally For Israel's Destruction

And the diplomats continue to say that Israel has a partner in peace in the form of the Palestinians? Here are the Gazans once again getting together to call for Israel's destruction. They do so to commemorate and honor the death of the founder of the terrorist group Islamic Jihad, who repeatedly called for Israel's destruction before he met his demise.

The demonstrations once again engage in the indoctrination of kids into the hatefest against Israel. The rally is geared to increase membership in the terrorist group and glorifies suicide bombers and terrorists who intend to maim and murder Israelis.

Palestinians will continue living in squalor of their own creation because they continue to propagate hatred towards Israel's very existence. They'd much rather live in that squalor fighting Israel than peaceful coexistence with Israel because of their religious, ideological, and indeed pathological hatred of Israel.

Note too that the AP calls masked terrorists merely militants, despite the fact that Islamic Jihad is on the US State Department list of terrorist groups, and the group has repeatedly taken credit for, and have been implicated in, hundreds of terror attacks against Israel.

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