Sunday, September 06, 2009

The Gaza Terror Incubator Hatches al Qaeda Spinoff

It looks like an al Qaeda spinoff in Gaza is busy claiming that they attempted to assassinate Jimmy Carter and Tony Blair. The group is a spinoff of Hamas, who figures that Hamas isn't sufficiently Islamist enough. Hamas has been hunting these guys down, but these are the most militant of the former Hamas terrorists -
Mahmoud Taleb, a former commander of Hamas's armed wing, Izzadin Kassam, also threatened that his supporters were planning to launch attacks on Hamas.

Taleb, who is wanted by Hamas's security forces, has been in hiding for more than two years. Several attempts by Hamas to arrest him have failed, prompting the movement to detain many of his friends and relatives.

A veteran journalist in the Gaza Strip described Taleb as the Palestinian Osama bin Laden. The journalist said that Taleb's group was seeking to establish an Islamic "emirate" in the Gaza Strip.
Hamas has been dealing with other al Qaeda affiliated groups too, such as Jund Ansar Allah. This is just the most recent example, but perhaps signals that there is much worse to come.

That's because this group, Jaljalat (Thunder), is a spinoff and so closely tied to Hamas and is so knowledgable in its methods, operations, and tactics, to say nothing of manpower, that it poses a serious threat to Hamas.

They've carried out a string of attacks against Hamas in response to Hamas crackdowns against Jund Ansar Allah.

So, it was as a result of Hamas going after terrorists even more extreme than themselves that they thwarted assassination attempts against former US President Jimmy Carter and former British Prime Minister Tony Blair.

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