Friday, September 18, 2009

Bronx Bombers Attempt Fried Chicken Defense

The four men arrested in connection with a terror plot to attack two Bronx synagogues and attack aircraft flying out of Stewart Airport in Orange County, New York are claiming entrapment. They're claiming that the federal informant lured them into carrying out a plot because they were fed with fried chicken.
A lawyer for one of four men accused of plotting to bomb Bronx synagogues complained on Thursday that a government informant plied the suspects with food.

"You can't watch the tapes that you don't see eating going on," said Marilyn Reader, lawyer for accused would-be terrorist Laguerre Payen.

"The [confidential informant] is paying for all these meals."

At a pretrial hearing in White Plains Federal Court, Reader charged that the informant had a charge account at a Crown Chicken on Broadway and let Payen eat for free.

Assistant U.S. Attorney David Leibowitz said he would investigate whether the informant offered inducements - of the chicken variety or otherwise - to the suspects.

"I'm going to inquire as to whether there was a Crown Chicken relationship," he said.

Defense lawyers are arguing that their clients were entrapped and paid to take part in the plot uncovered in May.
These guys have a tough road ahead of them, and it will be difficult to prove that they were entrapped.

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