Friday, November 14, 2008

CIA: Osama bin Laden Alive, But Cave Dwelling Is No Fun

Michael Hayden, Director of Central Intelligence, reports that the US is no closer to killing or capturing Osama bin Laden after seven years, but Osama isn't exactly basking in that fact. Bin Laden's putting quite a bit of energy into his own personal security, rather than plotting the next attack, although Hayden notes that a major one was thwarted:
He also claimed, without providing details, that the US intelligence community had disrupted an attack "that would have rivaled the destruction of 9/11." A senior intelligence official said Hayden was referring to the 2006 liquid bomb on airliners plot that was foiled in London.

"American and its friends have taken the fight to the enemy," Gen. Hayden said in a broad roundup of efforts to fight al Qaeda.

"Al Qaeda has suffered serious setbacks, but it is a determined, adaptive enemy unlike any our nation has ever faced," he said.

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