Friday, February 15, 2008

Rioting in Denmark Continues

While some may note that the rioting in Denmark may be related to the latest news out of the country that a group of jihadis were caught plotting the assassination of one of the cartoonists responsible for penning the cartoons that in part provoked rioting worldwide that killed more than 100 people and torched several embassies, the riots have actually been going on for nearly a week.

Turban Bomb has the details as the rioting progressed and became more violent each successive night.

American Thinker reports that some of the Danish authorities can't quite figure out why the rioting is occurring. The quote from the Copenhagen police chief is telling: "We don't know why they're rioting. I think it's because they're bored. Some people say it's because of the cartoons but that's not my opinion,"

That's right. Thugs are busy rioting in your fair city because they're bored. So, what exactly are you doing about this? Are you going in and arresting all those involved, or are you simply going to let them burn off their excess energy? Considering that the rioting has been getting worse, I'd posit that the police chief has been allowing the thugs to riot and rampage and those same thugs know that they're able to get away with it.

In some instances the firefighters responding to the carbeques have been assaulted by the thugs who set the fires.

Meanwhile, the target of the jihadi assassination plot has been living in fear and terror - unable to live at home and can't stay at the same place more than a night. Flemming Rose interviewed Kurt Westergaard, the cartoonist whose life has been in danger ever since he penned one of those cartoons:
For the past three months Kurt and his wife have been moving from house to house. In early November, they had a few hours to collect their most necessary belongings before they were driven to a safe location. They had to leave their car at home because the police wanted to create the impression that Kurt and Gitte were still living in the house. The mail was collected, garbage was removed, and an agent who physically resembled Kurt was installed in the house. This was done in case the plotters were to execute their plans to kill Kurt.

In the middle of December Kurt and Gitte returned to their house for just one day to celebrate Christmas with their family.

Early Tuesday morning Danish police broke into several apartments in the suburbs of Aarhus, the second largest city of Denmark with 250,000 inhabitants. Of the three men who were arrested, two are citizens of Tunisia and one is a Danish citizen of Moroccan descent. The police want to deport the two foreigners, which is possible according to an anti-terror law.

I asked Kurt about September 2005, when I wrote to him and other members of Denmark’s Cartoonist Association asking them to draw the prophet Mohammed as they see him.

“I did the cartoon quickly. It was just another day at the office. I finished with a sense of satisfaction. I felt that I was able to express myself in a simple and clear way, and that’s what every cartoon is about.”

What did you want to say?

“My intention was that some Muslims are using their religion as spiritual ammunition to commit terrorist acts. It was directed at Muslims in general, but exclusively at those who are willing to commit violence in the name of their religion.”
Hot Air has more.

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