Friday, December 15, 2006

I Suspected As Much

So that's how law professors grade exams. Don't think we didn't notice those hours when the stairwells were blocked off for no apparent reason.

Of course, now that the secret is out of the bag, here are a few suggestions for 1Ls.

1) Choose pens that have heavier ink. It will help the paper fall without any noticeable tampering such as folding or creasing the paper to make it more or less aerodynamic. You will need to experiment with several different pens and inks to see which ones will work best. Having a pen explode on your paper may seem like a disaster, but it could be a blessing in disguise.

2) For those bluebook exams, fluff out the pages so that they have a greater tendency to be carried aloft (just try not to make it too noticeable). Again, practice will make perfect. Be sure to adjust for the weight of other bluebooks pressing on yours.

Note that you may have to adjust your methods to deal with professors who utilize the top down versus the bottom up approach. There is no solid strategy for those professors who alternate their methods. In the industry, they're known as tenured law professors (aka sneaky bastards). There's a reason for it.

However, also note that some professors (aka cheap bastards) who have taken to auctioning off their grades to the highest bidders. Your grade will only be as good as your pockets are deep. For those professors, I wish you good luck.

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