Friday, December 15, 2006

CAIR's Outrageous Conduct of the Day

Via Stop the ACLU:
CAIR has successfully shut down a friend's blog, Vilmar of Rightwing Howler. I'd provide a link, but it would only go to a suspended account. They claimed he was a hate site and quote he advocates the murder of Muslim children. Where did they get this idea? Well, he quoted some Satire from the well known satire site IMAO. I've gathered up quite some angry reactions to this. Most agree that CAIR should put their focus in shutting down all of the jihadi hate sites if they really want to make a difference. People are outraged and urging others to contact his server and ask them why they are afraid of CAIR. Please share with your readers.

Beth of MVRWC has a lot of details.
Outrageous doesn't begin to cover this. Free speech for me, but not for thee...

Does CAIR call for the shutdown of jihadi sites that announce and publicize the beheadings of infidels? Does CAIR call for the ISPs to shut down jihadi meeting places where they gather to discuss terrorist tactics and plot? They instead [seek to] shut down those that satirize the jihadis and Islamists who use their religious beliefs as a battering ram.

Now, this is not a situation where governments are involved, but rather private entities putting pressure on other entities to stop a particular kind of conduct. What CAIR is doing is pressuring and threatening those that shed light on the destructive nature of the jihadis and their fellow travelers.

This cannot stand.

Right wing Howler posted a notice on his site. He had been considering quitting blogging for some time, and this gives him the opportunity to do so. He also says not to be too hard on the hosting ISP and put yourself in their shoes.

Okay. I'll put myself in their shoes. CAIR is trying to shake down anyone who doesn't kowtow to their line. I'd hold my ground against them. Did RWH actually violate the TOS or did they act precipitiously? RWH thinks that they were within their rights to do so. Again, that doesn't mean that the hosting service was right to do so.

And more to the point, it doesn't mean that CAIR gets to determine what can or can't be said about the jihadis and Islamists who seek to destroy our way of life. Satire is a useful tool in exposing the hypocrisy of the likes of CAIR and others who threaten to muzzle those who expose the jihadi and CAIR agendas.

The truly sad thing is that the text that CAIR complained of didn't even originate at RWH, but at another website, IMAO.

Ed Morrissey who notes the following - and with which I agree:
The best remedy for bad speech is more speech, not prior restraint and silencing techniques. People who try to shut down bloggers have no interest in freedom and liberty.

Also, I added text above in brackets. Others blogging: Cao's Blog, Macker's World, Iowa Voice, and Barking Moonbat.

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