Friday, December 30, 2005

The Office Pool - Predictions and Prognostications

William Safire puts forth a list of predictions in multiple choice format, so here are my responses:

1) c - 90,000 troops will be in Iraq at the end of 2006. And we'll further learn about the continuing cross-border raids by terrorist proxies from Syria and Iran, which will demand continued attention.
2) e - Tom DeLay will be back in the saddle. Pelosi will continue to be a back bencher.
3) None of the above - none of these movies resonates with moviegoers, no matter how well made they may be. Walk the Line would be my pick, but it's too much like last year's Ray to win. Reese will win best actress though.
4) c - The Roberts court will rule that law schools can be denied federal funds if they do not permit military recruiters.
5) c - Like the SAT, C is the probable answer more often than not
6) c - Like the SAT, C is the probable answer more often than not
7) c - Ariel Sharon will not be as slim as he should, but Kadima does win to form coalition with Labor
8) a - The Barrett report will be quashed on behalf of the Clintons, but some details will leak. The same can't be said of the Able Danger investigations, which will show just how poorly the 9/11 Commission did its job.
9) c - The stock market will break through it's treading water phase, especially as oil prices trend down.
10) c - All the major parties will realize that governments are transitory things, and that taking up arms to suit their needs is unnecessary. The looming battles will be political, not military as accomodation and dealmaking creates a somewhat stable political situation.
11) e - none of the above. The key issues will be the continuing problems with Gulf Coast redevelopment.
12) d - That's what I've been saying all along. It would be a grand fight, but I really doubt Condi wants to go for the top slot.
13) None of the above. Rudy is my choice for the GOP, and the Democrats would likely put forth Hillary (a rematch of the abortive Senate race where Rudy had to withdraw due to being diagnosed with prostate cancer).
14) d - Reagan. He did unpopular things at the time, but is remembered for holding the line and declaring that the only choice in fighting war is victory. Anything less is a recipe for disaster.

The Anchoress also put forth her predictions, and some are quite interesting. I'll focus on a few:

1) After a few off-years, due to A-Rod’s disingenuity (I still say he broke the curse when he slapped a ball out of the first baseman’s glove and then tried to lie about it - Fie on A-Rod!) The NY Yankees will reclaim their rightful spot as World Champions. While I'm a big Yankee fan (and have been since 1977), I don't see the Yankees doing it this year. Maybe it's the Damon factor, or maybe it's that A-Rod is simply too consumed with statistics and not winning the big games. But have no fear, because the BoSox wont win either. In fact, they wont make the playoffs.

9) Somebody’s gotta get serious with Iran. W will do it. Ungrateful Europe and leftists will curse him for it, while wiping their brows in relief before driving to their next Bush-bashing engagement. Israel may be the US to the punch, though US assistance may be involved (or at least tacit approval).

10) Paris will burn, coverage will be scant. Paris has been burning for more than a decade at a low simmer. It's now background noise.

13) Rudy Giuliani and Jeb Bush will both say they’re not running for president in ‘08. One of them will be telling the truth. Both will run, but Rudy will be in a better position to attract Conservatives - and the Bush brand will be tiresome to some at GOP central. Rudy's Mayor of America schtick will lead the way, and while his stance on abortion and other social issues may grate on religious conservatives, the law and order no nonsense brand of politics will appeal to them all the same.

21) At the end of ‘06, the big hole at Ground Zero will still be a big hole - a testament to the serious void in real leadership which both encouraged Al Qaeda and dogs our nation, still. While that's been the case thus far, real progress should begin in March as the transit hub and Freedom tower will begin construction. We wont see completed structures, but it may take a year before the construction reaches street level. Gov. Pataki has to leave behind a legacy, and getting things underway at Ground Zero will be crucial.

Posted to Basil's Blog. Others noting The Anchoress's predictions: Dr. Sanity, Polipundit, and All Things Beautiful.

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