Friday, October 07, 2005

Hinrichs Bomb Plot, New and Improved

A sealed warrant on top of the fact that the investigation is being led by the FBI's joint terrorism task-force may be an indication that the FBI is considering the possibility of a wider conspiracy after all.
World Net Daily story has more information, including the following:
Bob Troester, first assistance U.S. attorney in Oklahoma City, said the department requested the warrant be sealed, but declined to elaborate when asked why it was necessary to do so given previous media reports that a depressed Hinrichs acted alone and on a whim.

"You can draw whatever assumption you like," he said. "We don't comment on any sealed indictments."

Troester also said he could not divulge details about what items were found inside Hinrichs' home, and he could not say if or when the warrant would be unsealed at some point in the future.

The attorney did confirm the incident was still "currently being investigated," but again declined to provide any specifics.
Definitely curious. Indictments suggest that there are other individuals out there, and that this wasn't a lone individual who may or may not have had emotional problems. We're talking about the real distinct possibility of a terror cell operating in Norman, Oklahoma.

More details emerging about the bomb actually used by Hinrichs; it used a high density hydrogen peroxide solution.

Meanwhile, officials are worried about the security at the Texas-OU game to be held tomorrow. The crowd for at the Texas State Fair on gameday is estimated at 250,000.

As usual, Flopping Aces has more. Just keep scrolling.

Mark Tapscott notes that Hinrichs might have been the opening wave of a larger terror campaign that might have included potential attacks in the NYC subway system. Interesting theory. Too bad that investigators are busy trying to seal the record of what was obtained via the search of Hinrichs' apartment and vehicle. Mark also wonders whether Hinrichs was trying to be caught at the feed store where he tried to purchase ammonium nitrate. Again, an interesting theory, but without additional evidence, we don't have much to go on.

Welcome Mark Tapscott readers. Have a look around. Right now, we have a report that there might be a sealed indictment, which would suggest that there are others out there who might be facing criminal prosecution. That would indicate the potential for a terror cell. At this point, it's nothing more than my theory (though I think Rusty and a few others are on the same track). Mark indicates that Hinrichs' actions may be keyed to a larger terror campaign, but that's a separate and distinct issue right now. The current investigations will probably look in that direction as well - examining both the local and national angles, especially in light of the NYC bombing threat.

In case you're wondering about sealed indictments, here's a good primer (though it's a NY version, most states use similar procedures):
A sealed indictment might be used where the prosecutor, for whatever reason, does not wish to alert the prospective defendant to the fact that criminal charges are being investigated.
That's precisely the kind of action a DA would take when they don't want to alert a criminal enterprise and want to maintain an element of surprise.

Zombietime has updated his page. He's being cautious with his pronouncements relating to Hinrichs and WND and NEIN reporting, but he's not discounting their accuracy in this matter. There is just a lack of interest in the national media that it is difficult to gauge what is going on.

Rusty at the Jawa Report is working over OU President Boren for issuing a letter chastisizing folks like myself who are coming to the logical conclusion that Hinrichs' death was no ordinary suicide but has the hallmarks of a wider terror plot in Norman, Oklahoma. He also notes that OU is denying statements that have not been made previously. In fact, the denials actually seem to bolster the notion that there was a wider plot afoot. Curious.

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