Friday, November 02, 2012

A Slow Slog To Recovery From Sandy

Relief efforts in Fair Lawn continue. I was out and about and PSE&G is busy in my vicinity. They had tree crews working ahead of them - cutting away trees that had brought down lines on Radburn Rd., and were already in the process of putting up new poles. They had to take a break to get additional poles. Once the poles are up, they'll have to restring the lines followed by running new lines up to the homes where the power was ripped from the poles.

Elsewhere, tree crews are out by the Radburn post office (and we even got mail this morning). But incredibly, cars were ignoring traffic cones about ongoing work and drove through the active work scene - putting everyone at risk. Crazy stuff.

The tree crew I spoke with had trucks from Indiana and came in from Wisconsin. They'll be in the area as long as it takes.

It's a monumental effort.

I've got pictures to post later - some from the same area I took the other day to see the difference.

Also, I saw PSE&G survey crews marking down where additional trees need to be addressed - those leaning on poles/wires/etc. It's heartening to see, even though it's taking too long by half.

Neighbors from on the other side of the park said that they were told a week to 10 days. They have generators running for now. Other folks I met said they were conserving their generators because of the lines for gas.

The quicker power gets restored to gas stations, the sooner the gas mess will ease. The more homes that see power restored, the less people will need to go for gas to fill up their generators.

Oh, and speaking of generators - I saw way too many of them located too close to their homes, even to the point of being in garages or enclosed spaces. Those are CO poisonings in the making.

People wont even realize they're getting poisoned until it is too late.

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