Wednesday, May 30, 2012

NJ Transit Customer Survey Results Show Modest Improvement

NJ Transit released its latest customer survey results for 3Q 2012, and it shows significant improvement, with the bulk coming from rail commuters. Rail commuters have been among the most likely to score the agency poorly, particularly during disruptions.

Part of the reason that NJ Transit scores in the latest quarter are improved is that there were fewer major rail disruptions around the time that the survey was done.

The survey results will get touted around media outlets in the coming days, and it's important to note that a whopping 69% of rail commuters would be willing to recommend rail travel to others. That's a huge increase over the prior three quarters (60%, 57%, and 55%). Of particular note, the service on the Main/Bergen line has been much improved over the previous quarter - fewer disruptions and fewer delays.

It's amazing what a little more reliability will do for a rail commuters' sanity, health, and view of the oft-maligned agency.

Of course, now that the new survey is out, anyone want to guess if commuters will downgrade the agency over its handling of the air conditioning meltdown at NY Penn Station (due to Amtrak equipment failures) or other heat-related problems that have led to unbearable commutes over the past 24 hours.

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