Thursday, May 24, 2012

Big Break In Etan Patz Case?

It looks like there's been a huge break in the Etan Patz case this morning as all the local media outlets are reporting that the NYPD has someone in custody who has implicated himself in the disappearance. It's not one of the two individuals (including convicted child molestor Jose Ramos) previously suspected in the disappearance of Patz from a SoHo street more than 30 years ago. The break comes nearly 33 years to the day from the disappearance:
The man in custody, Pedro Hernandez, is from Camden, New Jersey and worked in Patz’s SoHo neighborhood at the time of his disappearance, 1010 WINS’ Juliet Papa reported.

Speaking on “CBS This Morning,” CBS News senior correspondent John Miller said Hernandez was not considered a major suspect when Patz went missing.

“He’s in the interrogation room, he’s made admissions, he’s implicated himself and now you’re in the very odd position of trying to go and prove that his admissions are correct because this would also not be the first time someone has made admissions in the case and not have them pan out,” Miller said.

The little boy was last seen walking to a school bus on May 25, 1979. Patz’s parents let him walk to the bus alone for the first time that morning and he was never seen again.
Investigators will now have the arduous task of trying to piece together whether Hernandez's story pans out and can be verified. One of the goals may be to see if they can locate Patz's remains.

Earlier this month a joint NYPD/FBI investigation searched the basement of a building along the street where Patz disappeared. That did not turn up any evidence.

Here's hoping that this newest lead will result in discovering what really happened to Patz and help the Patz family gain closure on this most horrible event.

Reports indicate that Hernandez strangled Patz after abducting him, but without more evidence, that's not substantiated. What would put this case to rest would be the revelation of where Patz's remains are located.

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