Monday, April 16, 2012

OWS Protests At Federal Hall in New York City

The Occupy Wall Street folks are back, but instead of focusing their efforts on and around Zuccotti Park, they're actually staking out space on the steps of Federal Hall. They're a minor diversion for the tourists and gawkers (of whom there are plenty), but they're really not getting much in the way of attention. The message hasn't really changed either. They're still railing against the income disparity between rich and poor, but most everyone passing by the area isn't giving the message much heed.

It's merely street theater to them:

The assembled interested folks taking photos and talking with protesters (5-10 at most).

Zuccotti Park, where a small group has a OWS table set up calling for a day of protest on May 1.

Railing against the 1%.
Looking down Wall Street towards Broad Street and Federal Hall; it's the typical security arrangement.
The steps of Federal Hall.

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