Thursday, January 05, 2012

Three Philly Fans Sought In Brutal Beating After NHL Winter Classic Loss

Once again, Philadelphia fans show just how awful they are. Philly fans have been known to boo Santa Claus, Hall of Famers from other sports teams, and Philadelphia police have to maintain a jail at sports venues because the fans are known to get violent far too often for comfort or safety of everyone else.

This time, Philadelphia Flyer fans assaulted a pair of New York Ranger fans outside the famous Geno's Steaks after the NHL Winter Classic. It turns out that the victims were a Woodbridge New Jersey off-duty police officer (and former Marine) and his son.

And Philly cops caught a break when one of the attackers boasted about it on his Facebook page:
A group of Philadelphia Flyers fans brutally beat a New Jersey cop and his son - dressed in Rangers garb - outside a famous Philly cheesesteak shop Monday.

Three Broad Street bullies clad in Flyers jerseys sucker-punched the Woodbridge, N.J., officer before pummeling him and his son after they fell on the ground outside Geno’s Steaks. identified the cop on Wednesday night as Neal Auricchio, a former Marine.

"He got banged up pretty badly," his father Neal Auricchio, Sr., told "Stitches in the one eye, and the other eye is pretty puffed up. He went for a CAT scan today, and we're waiting for the results on that."

Cops may have caught a break Wednesday when one Philly knucklehead, Edward Neary, took to the Facebook page of the Broad Street Hockey blog and confessed.

“It was me and my friends, do something about it,” he bragged in the comments section of a graphic video of the fight, before adding a homophobic slur. “How dumb do I look knocking someone out pretty sure they look dumb eatin concrete,” he wrote.

Neary later backed off of his boast and blamed three pals for the attack.
How dumb does Neary look? Not nearly as dumb as he will when he's behind bars on multiple charges of assault along with the other goon squad that assaulted the Auricchios.

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