Friday, January 20, 2012

Prosecutors Release Video Of Man Wanted In Connection With Bergen County Shul Firebombing Attack

Prosecutors have released a video of a man wanted in connection to the January 11 firebombing of a Rutherford synagogue.

The video, from Jan. 9 surveillance footage, shows a fair-skinned man apparently between 18 and 30 years old, leaving what appears to be a Wal-Mart store with a camouflage backpack and a plastic shopping bag.

The man, who is about 5’10’’ to 6’1’’, has a thin to medium build and is wearing a red and black warm-up suit and a red skull cap. The man was also seen riding a bicycle, according to a press release.

Law enforcement officials are asking anyone with information that could lead to identification of the man to call a hotline at 201-226-5532, email or send a text message to 551-265-5651.
It might have been helpful to know the time the man was spotted in the Walmart as well as the location of the store. Neither was provided in the Record's story. The location of the store would be key to helping jog the memory of someone who might have seen the individual since there are several locations throughout Northern New Jersey.

Prosecutors have also revealed that several Jewish congregations received anti Semitic letters through the mail.
He said the letters had first-class mail stamps on them and New York City return addresses belonging to two Jewish activists.

In Hackensack, the sender created an 8-by-10-inch collage of photos of Bernie Madoff and the chairmen of Citibank, Goldman Sachs and Lehman Brothers along with two other apparent Wall Street leaders. A Beth El temple employee noticed the synagogue received the letter just after 8 a.m. Friday, said Detective Capt. Thomas Salcedo.

On the sheet of paper, Madoff’s photo was doctored to make him look like a devil, and the words “Wall St. Jews” were superimposed over the other men’s images, which were copies of magazine covers that had been shrunken to fit the page, Salcedo said.

The synagogue called police without opening it because leaders thought it was suspicious. The sheriff’s office is analyzing the letter and the business envelope it arrived in for evidence, Salcedo said.

In Maywood, Temple Beth Israel received a similar letter Thursday afternoon. The letter had about nine magazine covers shrunken to fit the page. The magazine covers depicted Jewish men in a negative manner, said Detective Mark Gillies.
And then, there's reports that someone established a WiFi account at a community center in Teaneck, New Jersey that was both racist and anti Semitic.
A bigot named their WiFi signal “F--- All Jews and N----” — and now cops are investigating.

The hateful signal I.D. popped up on the iPhone of a 28-year-old mom inside a Teaneck, N.J. recreation center, where her 3-year-old daughter was attending dance class.

The offending signal was coming from a router connected in the Richard Rodda Community Center in the the township, located 10 miles outside New York City.

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