Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Rick Perry Sues to Get On Virginia Ballot Despite Missing Deadline; Newt Attempting Write-In Campaign

Rick Perry's campaign is a clown circus and this latest episode shows why he doesn't deserve the GOP nomination. He couldn't even be bothered to get on the Virginia ballot. Perry now suing to try and get on the ballot. He claims that the VA election law is too restrictive (even though he's a state's right kind of guy - and Virginia is within its rights to demand that someone trying to get on the ballot must secure signatures from all districts).

Virginia requires that candidates must get 10,000 signatures statewide, including 400 signatures from each of the state's 11 districts. Perry claims that this restriction is unconstitutional, but that shows that Perry is thoroughly clueless.
"Virginia ballot access rules are among the most onerous and are particularly problematic in a multi-candidate election," Ray Sullivan, Perry's communications director, said in a statement.

"We believe that the Virginia provisions unconstitutionally restrict the rights of candidates and voters by severely restricting access to the ballot, and we hope to have those provisions overturned or modified to provide greater ballot access to Virginia voters and the candidates seeking to earn their support," Sullivan said.
What else is Perry's campaign supposed to say and do considering that they failed miserably to put together a ground game to secure the necessary signatures. Getting those signatures requires a ground game, and both Newt Gingrich and Perry failed miserably.

In Gingrich's case, he actually lives in Virginia and he missed the deadline as well. Instead of suing, he's trying to mount a write-in campaign, except that Virginia doesn't allow write-in ballots.

That leaves only Mitt Romney and the lamentable Ron Paul on the ballot in Virginia. Yes, you read that one correctly. Everyone else has ceded Virginia to these two candidates as flawed as they are. And considering that Mitt should win handily, these other numbskulls have given Mitt a 100 delegate advantage (50+ to Mitt, -50 to themselves right out of the gate).

These candidates have only themselves to blame for not getting their acts together - or revealing that they're not ready for prime time. Only Romney's campaign has put together a national campaign and secured spots on all state ballots - the minimum national ground game necessary to run for President. Everyone else trails badly, and the Virginia example shows why everyone else is trailing Romney where it counts.

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