Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Carl Kruger Enters Plea Deal On Corruption Charges; Will Serve 9-11 Years In Prison

Former State Senator Carl Kruger from Brooklyn has entered a guilty plea in a wide ranging corruption case that will lead him to serve 9-11 years in prison. The Brooklyn Democrat was caught
Kruger and his close friend, Michael Turano, signed plea agreements this afternoon in federal court — Kruger pleaded guilty to four counts and Turano to one. Kruger admitted to performing official favors for clients of lobbyist Richard Lipsky in exchange for cash payments that were funneled through entities controlled by Turano.

According to the agreement, Kruger faces the prison time as well as restitution of between $15,000 and $150,000 for his crimes. He and Turano each agreed to forfeit $450,000 of their ill-gotten gains.
The charges include wire and mail fraud and bribery.

Kruger, Carl and Turano, Michael - Plea Agreements

Kruger was indicted earlier this year, along with Turano and Assemblyman William F. Boyland Jr stemming from dealings with hospital officials and Boyland was accused of having a no-show job. Boyland Jr. was acquitted in a trial last month. Another defendant, David P. Rosen, the former chief executive of the health care organization, MediSys, was convicted in September of conspiring to bribe Mr. Boyland.

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