Thursday, November 10, 2011

Photos From Zuccotti Park

Here's a series of photos taken during the lunch hour from in and around Zuccotti Park.

While much attention has been put on the drum circle and the incessant racket from the drumming, I've found that you can barely hear the drums above the din coming from the adjacent construction sites at 4WTC and 3WTC. In fact, if you go one block north on Church Street, you can't hear anything other than the sound of motors and pumps for the construction projects. You'd have to wait for a lull in the construction noises to hear the drumming at least during the daytime hours.

One protester has sought to bring about student loan bankruptcy reform - trying to get student loans held to the same standard as other loans for discharge through bankruptcy.
Construction workers eating lunch and some of the signs plastered to the wall  along the south edge of the park.  The protest demands are among the more coherent of the bunch that have been proffered - and I've posted about some of them in the past.
Hydrofracking is one of the big issues that seems to have caught the attention of the protesters.  There are quite a few signs throughout the park calling for an end to hydrofracking (the measure is up for regulatory review in New York and could affect the NYC watershed and water quality throughout the state). 
Some of the military-grade tents that have gone up along the south side of the park. The first aid tent was even advertising that they were giving out free flu shots.
The location for the drum and prayer circles has slowly given way to an ever larger bunch of tents, pushing the drum circle into a smaller area. 
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Another one of the military-grade tents, compared with the lightweight tents used by most others throughout Zuccotti Park
The tents are still a hodgepodge of lightweight 2- and 4-person tents that are ill suited for the winter.
Devaney and McCarthy are considered two of the most influential people responsible for the market meltdown; Devaney oversaw a hedge fund, while McCarthy is a homebuilder who engaged in shady practices. 
The anarchists are trying to organize. And no, I'm not kidding - they're trying to gather for a November 15 action.
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