Friday, October 21, 2011

Zuccotti Park Protests; Video From Today

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Sorry about the typo in the headline, which I've now fixed. Blogger-droid was having issues, so this may end up posting a couple of times. I'll be adding a couple of photos too.

Here come the photos:

Yet another attempt to try and improve community relations.

An addendum to the rules. 

A vagrant science experiment? No, it's a working display of treating grey water with natural  processes. What that has to do with the protests? Not a thing, but that's what these protests are - they're what the people protesting wants them to be and the viewers and media can have their own take.
As usual, the usual suspects have shown up, and are in prime viewing area for  pedestrians to view along Broadway. 
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Noise has been a big issue for residents within earshot of the park. They met last night at Community Board 1's meeting and aired their grievances against those protesting at the park, even as they reiterated their right to protest there.

This isn't the first time that noise has been an issue with residents near Ground Zero and the WTC complex. There's quite a bit of angst and anger towards protesters who didn't care that their rights were infringing on the rights of people living in earshot of the protesters.

These are the same people who have been fighting with the Port Authority to limit the noise emenating from the WTC worksite - limiting hours that the contractors can do demolition (including explosive excavation), and major work is limited to certain hours. The Millennium Hilton, which is across the street from Ground Zero and two blocks from Zuccotti Park, has sued the Port Authority and Silverstein Properties over the noise.

Silverstein Properties contends that it ceases all work at 6pm and picks up again in the morning on areas it's building (2, 3, and 4WTC). Much of the excavation is related to the PATH hub and transit work for the 1 line underpinning. The rest of the site is primarily focused on construction, which is less noisy than the demolition that had permeated the site for so long.

The Port Authority has paid for certain soundproofing but it's a constant fight - and they claim that the noise doesn't exceed levels set by the City. If you're not one of the designated buildings, you're out of luck.

The dull roar from the WTC construction is actually not as bad as it could potentially be, but it's omnipresent. It also dulls out the drum circle coming from Zuccotti Park - but if there's a lull in construction, that drumming would echo through the area, which has a growing residential population.

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