Thursday, October 20, 2011

Today's Ongoing OWS Protests From Zuccotti Park

Protests have continued with no sign of slowing down, although the gusty winds are presenting challenges for the protesters who are roughing it in the park. There are fewer flags and posters than I've seen in prior visits, and it seems that the strong winds and rains overnight may have played a role in that - they're either covered up under tarps, or were taken down in the rain/wind.

The protesters are also attempting to improve their community relations and are attempting to do a better job of keeping the park clean, and I will note that they've gone out of their way to avoid trampling on the garden areas within the park that are planted with mums and other flowers since they began the protests more than a month ago. They're largely sticking to the paved surfaces.

A good neighbor policy being displayed along Broadway.
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Protesters have also put together a good neighbor policy, even as their drummers are busy pounding away along Church Street. As usual, they've got crowds.

Sign along Broadway asking for donations to support protesters looking to stay in Zuccotti Park through the winter.

They've lumped together the sleeping bags and other equipment that they've received and/or are using in big piles along the edge of Zuccotti Park, and they've assembled a sanitation crew.

Meanwhile, the crowds continue to have some familiar faces, including some of the usual wackjobs who have been floating around the protests for a couple of weeks including this guy. However, no sign of the anti-fluoride conspiracy nutter or the 9/11 troofers today.

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I'll also note that I didn't see any of the anti-Semitic crap that others have noted, including at Salon (where a counter-protester had an appropriate sign).

While I didn't see any anti-Semitic or racist signs, I did see a sign touting the legalization of marjiuana as a way to raise tax revenues. I'm sure that will gain lots of adherents.

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