Wednesday, October 05, 2011

The Latest From Zuccotti Park Occupy Wall Street Protests

Today's protests seem a whole lot more energized than they were last week, and it's not just because the weather is vastly improved. I think the various unions coming out in support of the protests has galvanized the protesters. There will be more protests and marches later today, and the NYPD continues monitoring the situation (they have a significant police presence, but the rank and file officers seem as laid back as ever). They've also arranged more security barriers on adjoining streets in the expectation of further marches today or down the road.

The messages also seem to be a bit more coherent than they were last week. Part of it is because the protesters themselves are a whole lot more organized and focused than before.

Still a crowd pleaser - protesters with percussion instruments to garner attention along Church Street. There are protests along both Church and Broadway, but Broadway still should be the focus for protesters to gain attention from passersby. 

Just a few of the media trucks that have come to view the proceedings. Several others, including Channel 4 (NBC) and Channel 7 (ABC) were circling the block looking for a spot to set up. CNN had a crew there and several foreign media outlets were also mingling with the crowds.

Speaking of being better organized, the protesters have put together a list of needs, and how people can volunteer their time and skills to keep the protests going. 

Just a few of the many handwritten signs that are displayed along the edge of the park.

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The crowds thicken along the spine of Zuccotti Park, and it's a beehive of activity. 

A library has been set up for those who are protesting. 

Sorry about the poor contrast on this photo, but it does show protesters along Church Street complaining about Wall Street buying stocks, not politicians. Those signs are printed and being distributed by a group calling itself Rootstrikers.
There was no sign of any anti-Semitic or racist dribble that others have indicated.

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