Friday, October 14, 2011

Brookfield Backs Off But Protesters Scuffle With Police As They Headed To Wall Street

Brookfield Properties, which owns Zuccotti Park, backed off demands that the protesters at the park clear areas so that the owners could clean the park of debris from more than three weeks of protests. The company can make its own rules/code of conduct for park usage, even though it is open for public use and enjoyment.

The 7:00AM decision to not clean the park was met with throngs of cheering protesters, some of whom braved the strong thunderstorms that rumbled through the region last night dumping more than an inch of rain on the area.

Yet, shortly after the decision not to clean the park was made, a group of protesters broke off from the main group and attempted to march on Wall Street itself with brooms and were met by police. There were clashes and arrests. Police claim that they were attacked by protesters hurling garbage and bottles. At least four people were arrested this morning. MSNBC reports 10 were arrested.
NBC News reported that police used the scooters to try to force protesters off of the street at several locations on Wall Street and Broadway.

In some cases, police rode scooters directly at people who stopped traffic and refused to move away.

Demonstrators threw bottles and one threw a garbage can at police, according to reporters on the scene.

WNBC reported that at least 10 people had been arrested as police tried to stop about 500 people, with brooms raised in the air, from marching on Wall Street.

NBC News said that one person who had been arrested was injured and bleeding and was taken to the 7th precinct for treatment. NYPD was extending shifts for some officers across the city in response to the situation.

Despite the police's efforts, protesters were gathering at the Stock Exchange, NBC News said.
Gothamist and the Daily News also has more photos, including one guy who has been interviewed by media outlets before wearing a Guy Fawkes mask. This particular idiot claims that he's protesting for the people but refuses to show his identity out of some misguided belief that he's doing so for the people. We'd just have to ignore that he's wearing a mask attributed to a guy who sought to overthrow the British government in a foiled terror plot (he has been involved in a plot to bomb the House of Commons).

Police are now checking identification cards for access to the Wall Street areas at Broadway and Wall Street.

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