Thursday, September 22, 2011

Zuccotti Park Protests, Day 6

The protests against Wall Street continue at Zuccotti Park for another day, but the number of protesters declined over yesterday. There wasn't the kind of raucous crowd that was seen yesterday. That could be due to the weather, which is forecast to be rainy through the beginning of next week.

The main difference between yesterday and today's protest gatherings is that they've shifted sides of the park to Broadway, and have ceded parts of the park back to tourists and construction workers - another sign that the protest is perhaps dwindling.

The protests continue at Zuccotti Park in Lower Manhattan and the police presence continues, but I couldn't help but notice that the limos and town cars for executives were queued up adjacent to the park.

Protesters keeping track of things online and staying connected.

Protesters have shifted their protest from the Church Street side to the Broadway side of the park. I think this is a good idea for maximizing their visibility (and it's closer to Wall Street). The number of protesters declined from yesterday, and that could be due in part to the rain and projected weather forecasters. Only the die-hard protesters are going to stick around. 

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