Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Zuccotti Park Protests, Day 5

Since this weekend, protesters have taken over a significant part of Zuccotti Park, which is located adjacent to Ground Zero's southwest corner. The park, which is normally full of tourists and construction workers has been taken over by what appears to be several hundred "professional" protesters.

They've managed to arrange sleeping areas and food and Internet/wifi access, and there's a significant police presence, but the police appear to be bemused and laid back.

What have they been protesting actually? Well, it has covered everything from the war in Iraq and Afghanistan to "Wall Street", capitalism, and the pending execution of Troy Davis in Georgia.

Zuccotti Park as seen from across Liberty Street; NYPD security tower seen at right.

Protesters playing music on day 5.

Construction workers from Ground Zero taking a break alongside protesters.

The mixed and muddled message protest signs laid out for consumption.

This is what Democracy looks like. 

Capitalism doesn't work; A Job Is a Right.

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