Friday, September 23, 2011

Tips Roll In On Long Island Serial Killer Cases After New Info Released

Long Island law enforcement officials are getting tips from people after police released new information about the cases. Once again, it appears that there are several serial killers at work here - dumping bodies of 10 victims along a stretch of highway near Jones and Gilgo Beaches on both sides of the Nassau/Suffolk border.
Police say they've seen an increase in calls after releasing new information in the Long Island serial killer investigation.

The remains of 10 people were found strewn along a remote beach parkway and elsewhere across Long Island.

A Suffolk County police spokeswoman says 22 tips have been received since Tuesday. That's when detectives released sketches of two of the unidentified victims.

Police have identified only five of the 10 victims. Those five were all women working as escorts.

Among the unidentified victims are a toddler and a woman believed to be her mother. Their remains were found seven miles apart.

Body parts have been found in four separate locations. The oldest remains are linked to a case 15 years ago. No suspects have been identified. There's a $25,000 reward.
Five sets of remains have been positively identified, and those five were working as prostitutes at the time of their death.

At least one of the remains are tied back to an unsolved murder from 2000:

A toddler was among those recovered, and appear to be related to a victim found about 10 miles away. Another victim appears to have been a cross-dressing male who had poor dental hygiene.

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