Thursday, September 01, 2011

NJ Transit Continues Failing Main/Bergen County Line Riders

If you read through the NJ Transit website, there is absolutely no mention of schedule changes or train consolidations relating to the damage to the Port Jervis line and accommodating the ridership that is being bused in from points above the damage.

There are no rider advisories.
Sep 01, 2011 09:21:25 AM
Port Jervis service will remain suspended between Port Jervis and Suffern due to flooding. Private carrier bus service provided to/from Harriman and Ramsey Rt. 17 only.
Service Advisories
Aug 31, 2011 11:14:26 AM
Update: Port Jervis Line - Substitute Bus Service between Harriman and Middletown for Trains 49 and 66 Cancelled

There are no revised schedules to refer to.

If you're hoping to hear something from the media outlets about service changes, good luck because they'll simply look at the NJ Transit website or hear from NJ Transit reps and they'll tell you that service has been restored and things are running normally.

That can't be further from the truth.

There is nothing but silence and wishful thinking that a train will come that can safely board passengers on trains that have been combined.

Every time there's a crisis relating to service on NJ Transit, the agency promises to do better, but nothing changes.

Service interruptions are regularly mismanaged and there's no communication about problems.

Today's conductors aboard train 1254 said that riders needed to contact our elected representatives to put pressure on Metro North to rebuild the damaged infrastructure.

That's laughable. They'd rather pass the blame onto Metro North, which suffered catastrophic damage to its rail line from Sloatsburg on north to Port Jervis, instead of admitting that they don't have sufficient rail cars to handle the existing traffic (they're combining trains on service that wasn't affected by the Port Jervis line).

Where are all the railcars that were taken out of service once the more than 300 railcars that were recently purchased or refurbished put into service? Why are there railcars sitting idly in Hoboken yard not attached to locomotives and used to alleviate crowding conditions?

It's all part of a pattern of incompetence by NJ Transit to accomplish its reason for existing - serving customers to get them to their destinations.

It's clearly failing NJ Transit rail commuters in North Jersey.

The latest updates on the NJ Transit page do little to change my mind about the agency's handling of the situation:
Sep 01, 2011 02:00:59 PM
Busing to Beacon Station from Port Jervis and Middletown: Buses (with the exception of one round trip in the afternoon) will originate at Port Jervis Station, stop at Middletown Station, then go directly to Beacon Station on our Hudson Line for train service to Grand Central; outbound is the reverse.

Busing to/from Harriman and Ramsey Route 17: Metro-North is busing to/from Harriman Station and Ramsey/Route 17, where customers can transfer to train service. Buses follow the train schedule.
Still no mention of combined trains or other problems with service on the Bergen/Main line, which affects all customers, including those being bused in from above Suffern.

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