Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Assad's Security Goons Murder Fleeing Syrians

Once again, Bashar Assad's security forces have opened fire on civilians and murdered them in cold blood. This time, it was Syrians who were fleeing across the border to Turkey.
"Yesterday there was a bunch of people trying to cross the border to Turkey," said a Turkish Foreign Ministry official, speaking on condition of anonymity according to diplomatic protocol. "While one of the groups tried to pass, there were shots fired from the Syrian side, I assume from the Syrian soldiers... two people were shot, one died on the Syrian side of the border, and (his body) was also carried with a wounded guy to the Turkish side."

A video emerging on YouTube showed an apparently dead man lying on the floor with blood leaking from his head. Off camera, a man says in Arabic "they shot him, the snipers." The video identified the victim as Abdul Salam Hasoon.

The description of the incident and the name of the victim were both confirmed by the London-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights.

"He was killed by snipers from the Syrian side while he was crossing the border," wrote the Observatory's Mousab Azzawi, in an e-mail to CNN.

According to the Turkish Foreign Ministry, at least 330 Syrians fled on Monday through an old border checkpoint at the Turkish village of Belengoz.
More people were killed by security forces through the northern part of Syria:

The world shrugs its shoulders as Assad's security forces continue murdering people whose only crime is to protest Assad's right to govern.

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