Tuesday, September 27, 2011

AAA Files Suit Against Port Authority For Toll Hikes

Well, AAA finally decided that writing letters to the Port Authority to the Department of Transportation wasn't going to roll back the massive fare and toll hikes imposed by the Port Authority.

It's decided to file suit against the agency claiming that the fare and toll hikes are for items unrelated to transportation infrastructure.
The AAA (triple-A) is suing the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey over recent toll hikes.

The motorists' group filed the lawsuit today in Manhattan federal court.

It's trying to stop the agency from collecting the higher tolls on its bridges and tunnels linking the two states.

The Port Authority declined comment.

The motorists group says it objects to using toll revenues for building the new World Trade Center. Port Authority board members have said the fare increases will pay for construction that's fueling the region's economy.
That follows a suit filed by a New Jersey man against the agency, claiming that the agency failed to provide sufficient notice of the fare and toll hikes.

I don't give the notice claims much chance given the way that media outlets highlighted the pending hikes and notices of meetings. The AAA has a better chance if they focus on the constitutionality of imposing massive hikes on interstate commerce - for crossing between New York and New Jersey.

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