Friday, August 12, 2011

Assad's Brutal Crackdown Continues For Another Week

Bashar al Assad's brutal crackdown against any and all opposition to his regime continues. Reuters got a hold of video showing attacks against a mosque minaret - showing it being destroyed by what was likely large caliber gunfire:

Yet, Assad claims that he's done no such thing and that his security forces are responding only to clear cities of saboteurs and terrorists. Curiously, Assad has yet to show off any bodies of these so-called terrorists or insurgents.

The reason he hasn't done so is that all too many civilians have been murdered by his security forces, and that there aren't terrorists or insurgents operating in Syria as claimed. Rather, his security forces are brutalizing people who simply want a better life for themselves without Assad's regime holding sway.

46 people have been murdered by Assad's goons
in the past couple of days alone. The overall death toll is now well over 2,000.

Despite the crackdown, Syrians continue taking to the streets in protest.

What does it take for Assad's security forces to open fire on crowds? How about chanting: We Will Not Kneel.

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