Friday, July 01, 2011

Kucinich Can't Be Reached For Comment as Assad's Thugs Continue Brutal Crackdown

If it's Friday in Syria that means that protesters again have taken to the street demanding that Bashar al Assad leave and Bashar al Assad's thugs are busy with their brutal crackdown, including murdering still more Syrians in northern towns.
About 1,000 anti-government demonstrators gathered before they were attacked and dispersed by pro-government demonstrators.

T[h]anks and helicopters opened fire and reportedly killed a number of civilians as military forces swept through several northern villages. The crackdown comes just days after the government allowed a small gathering of opposition activists in Damascus. Around 1,700 people have been killed in Syria's violence so far, and around 10,000 have fled to refugee camps in Turkey.
Assad's troops keep murdering protesters at funerals for those slain previously by the regime.

These protests aren't going away, including in the Damascus suburbs, but Assad's crackdown hasn't subsided either.

Recall that Democrat Dennis Kucinich was busy claiming that Assad was withdrawing troops from cities as proof he was really showing some kind of respect for human rights and Syrian rights to protest.

Assad's security forces continue murdering Syrians opposed to the regime - just in different towns than the ones his security forces were in just a few days ago. Those forces simply redeployed to deal with opposition groups elsewhere in the country. They haven't stopped the brutality.

There's a term for people like Kucinich - useful idiot - and he wears that term well.

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