Sunday, July 17, 2011

Garden State Parkway Drivers Are Worst In Nation

Driving along the Garden State Parkway during the summer can test your nerves and your patience, and it all stems from the fact that no one seems to know how to drive.

At all.

Drivers come to a standstill every time there's a car on the side of the road - and for twice as long when there's a cop along the road.

As for the NJ Troopers who are trying to stop speeders, they were out gunning for speeders just north of a construction zone in the 140s, but were nowhere to be found in the construction zone where everyone was flying by at least 20 miles over the posted speed limit. How exactly is that safe for everyone involved?

The traffic wasn't merely the result of congestion as tens of thousands of people were trying to get to the Jersey Shore, but because so many people simply were starting and stopping and tailgating - all the stop lights ended up filtering back for miles and miles rippling through traffic. It's an avoidable mess.

Oh, and for those who think that mass transit will solve matters, consider that the weekend schedule for trains to the Jersey shore are exceedingly limited, and it's even worse if you're in Northern New Jersey as the trains are even more limited.

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