Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Assad's Security Thugs Murder 10+ At Funeral Procession; Brutalization of Syria Continues

Bashar al Assad's regime has no intention of ceasing its efforts to murder protesters and those opposed to the regime. It has no qualms about opening fire on funeral processions of those it previously murdered.

In the latest attacks, at least 10 people were murdered at a funeral procession for those slain in protests over the past couple of days.
Syrian activists say security forces have fired on a funeral procession, killing at least 10 people.

The Local Coordination Committees help organize and track the protests in Syria. The group said the mother of a man who was shot dead the day before was among the victims Tuesday.

Another activist in Homs confirmed that security forces opened fire at a funeral procession outside the Khaled bin Al-Waleed mosque. He said people inside the mosque called him to describe the scene.

The shooting in Homs came a day after activists said security forces there killed 10 people in raids.
At the same time, pro-Assad gunmen have opened fire on crowds in places that are hostile to Assad's regime. That kind of action has to be condoned by Assad's regime itself, considering how the regime operates.

Meanwhile, in an effort to deflect attention from his own problems, Assad's regime has declared its recognition of a Palestinian state with East Jerusalem as its capital.

Assad's ongoing crackdown has limited opposition groups efforts to unite, although a group met in exile in Turkey to establish a National Salvation Council. I consider that a good first step towards establishing an alternative to Assad's brutal regime and putting it in a position to begin soliciting support and recognition as Syria's legitimate government. It will take a whole lot more, particularly defections from Syria's military and diplomatic corps to pull off - and Assad's crackdown has done much to prevent a coalescing of opposition behind a single banner.

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