Saturday, July 30, 2011

Assad Continues Crackdown Against Opposition

The death toll keeps rising on a daily basis in Syria as Bashar Assad's security forces carry out raids and attack opposition groups and those brave enough to protest against Assad's brutal regime.
At least five people have been killed after Syrian security forces conducted overnight raids, in an apparent crack down on dissent.

Activists said Saturday that forces moved into a Damascus suburb and opened fire on civilians. The Associated Press says a similar raid took place in the eastern town of al-Boukamal.

On Friday, rights groups and witnesses said security forces killed at least seven people during anti-government protests across the country.

They said many of the deaths occurred in the seaside town of Latakia. However, a state-run media report said "masked saboteurs" fired shots and threw dynamite at security forces and civilians in the town.
It shouldn't surprise anyone anymore that Assad's goon squads attack peaceful demonstrations, but the video coming out of Syria still manages to shock.

Also, despite the carnage, opposition groups promise to carry out daily protests against Assad during Ramadan.

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