Monday, June 06, 2011

Rep. Anthony Weiner To Give Presser at 4PM To Address Inappropriate Twittered Photos: UPDATE: Admits To Sending Photos

More photos keep coming to light courtesy of Breitbart and they do appear to show Brooklyn Democrat Rep. Anthony Weiner in less than a flattering light. Does this mean that the crotch-photo that lit up the Twitterverse is legitimately Weiner, or that Weiner sent the photo himself?

That's still an open question, but it appears that the Yfrog exploit is going to turn out to be the side-story. Yfrog had a vulnerability that could explain how someone could take photos and insert them into Weiner's twitter-stream without him knowing. That exploit may or may not have been fixed, but the news today doesn't appear to be good for Weiner.

Weiner could still claim that his accounts were hacked and that he never intended to send either the crotch photo or these newly released photos, but that would end up requiring forensic proof showing that he didn't do so or that his account was hacked.

If these do appear to be legitimate and Weiner has actually sent these photos, including the crotch-photo to other people through Twitter, then Weiner's political career is likely done. After all, similar photos sent by Buffalo-area Republican Rep. Christopher Lee resulted in his resignation. Lee actually set some kind of record, as he resigned within hours after the story broke on Gawker.

If Weiner does admit to sending the photos, the question then becomes of his political career, and his seat in Congress. His district is reliably Democrat, but Weiner's political aspirations for higher office, including Mayor of New York would likely over. That would be quite the stunning fall for the one-time protege for US Senator Chuck Schumer.

Well, he's gone and admitted to sending the photos, which is just plain odd. After all his odd defenses and statements, that's it? What a putz.

As for his chances for a political future outside his district, I'd say that they're over. However, since he's refusing to resign, consider that he's in a safe district for Democrats, so he's going to likely remain and serve at his constituents' pleasure not unlike the way that Rep. Charles Rangel was reelected twice after his tax cheating ways were revealed and was censured by Congress.

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