Wednesday, June 22, 2011

NY Faces Budget Mess; Awaiting Action on Same-Sex Marriage; But Finds Time To Name Official Mineral

Priorities people. It is all about the priorities.

The Legislature, which has rarely found itself in a position to adopt an on-time budget, rent control extensions, or act upon controversial legislation like the Marriage Equality Act, did find time to pass legislation that would name the Herkimer Diamond the official mineral of New York.

Herkimer diamonds are interesting minerals to be sure, but it's a footnote when compared to the more momentous legislation pending in the State Senate. The Marriage Equality Act would grant gays the right to marry in New York. Passage would make New York the sixth and largest state to adopt gay marriage rights.

That legislation is still pending as a framework has been agreed to on rent control and other important legislation like tuition hikes for SUNY, power plant siting, and a cap on property taxes.

The framework, which was agreed to yesterday means that we'll once again see all-nighters in Albany as the legislature rushes to adopt the package of bills before leaving town for the year.

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