Friday, June 03, 2011

John Edwards Indicted On Using Campaign Funds To Pay Mistress

It's official: Edwards indicted of using campaign cash to pay mistress. This louse used campaign funds from his run for the President to hush up his extra-marital affair with Rielle Hunter and with whom he fathered a child. The lies piled up and he couldn't sweet-talk his way out of the mess of his own creation. Things really began to unravel when his aid Andrew Young began talking:
In December 2007, the group began traveling by private jets to luxury hotels on a cross-country game of hide and seek. It was all financed by wealthy Edwards campaign operative Fred Baron, and it was all with Edwards' approval, Young said.

"Maybe he didn't know exactly where we were, but he knew about the money, he knew about the methodology and he knew about the sources," Young said in an interview with ABC News.

Young and his wife have estimated that it cost Edwards' benefactors $1 million in cash, private jets and hotel rooms to cover up the affair and Hunter's pregnancy.

If he were to agree to a deal today, Edwards will not be required to serve any time in prison -- but the former high-flying trial attorney he will almost surely lose one thing he holds very dear.

Edwards has stated that he hopes to move back into legal work once this case is behind him. However, in North Carolina, if he pleads guilty or no contest to a criminal offense, he must go before the State Bar -- putting his license to practice law on the line.
It's laughable that Edwards could claim that he didn't know that the money was being used to pay for the silence of those who knew or had reason to know about the affair.

Had he agreed to a plea deal, he would have likely faced lesser charges, but which would have put his law license up for scrutiny before the North Carolina bar. However, now that this is likely to go to trial and Edwards loses, it's going to be a far worse situation. I suspect that his license to practice in NC would have been suspended, not revoked, if he had gone and taken the plea deal. Now, all bets are off as to what will happen. A conviction on these charges would likely result in the NC Bar moving to disbar him.

And he's going to deserve everything that comes his way.

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